Reclaiming Rubbish

The theme for this curatorial show is “reclaimed rubbish”, or more specifically artworks made exclusively from discarded materials and trash. All of the artists I researched for this show, all make their “junk” art for countless different reasons, but many are using their art as a way to comment or make a statement about the excessive amount of trash and waste abandoned by humans due to consumerism; or as a way to bring their message to the attention of humanity and to protest against war by using the confiscated misused weapons of war. All of the artists attempt to incorporate natural elements into their garbage sculptures as a way to draw attention to the very things that were destroyed (nature) in order for these creations to be built. All of the following art works in my opinions are constructed to establish emotions from the viewer that result in culpability or a catharsis as to how the audience has or has not contributed to the misfortunes of humanity that without, these artists would not have engaged in the creation of these works.